Cast Modular Links

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CAST CONNEX® Cast Modular Links™ (CML) are standardized yielding link elements for use in Eccentrically Braced Frames (EBF) in lieu of fabricated modular links.

Cast Modular Links offer superior ductility and reliability over conventionally fabricated modular links. Use of CMLs offers owners, engineers, and other stakeholders the reliability of laboratory proven components that are manufactured in a highly controlled manufacturing process for the key elements of the seismic force resisting system (SFRS) of their building.

Modular links are preferred for eccentrically braced frames because they enable optimization of the link and beam independently, ensuring an efficient seismic force resisting system. The use of modular links also enables simplified fabrication and more rapid site installation of the EBF. Cast Modular Links offer unparalleled performance and reliability in EBF SFRS.