When the bolts were installed, the inspector found a small gap at an edge. Is this okay?

Provided there is contact on the area of the annular ring around the bolt, this is not cause for concern. Be sure to follow correct bolt installation procedures as given in RCSC specification, i.e. start at stiffest portion of the connection working toward free edge(s). See RCSC 2009 Specification p.30-33 for more on relevant contact area of pre-tensioned bolts. It is important to note that the slip resistance of any “slip-critical” connection is based on the total clamping normal force and that the individual tensions of pre-tensioned bolts will all vary somewhat. This is not a cause of concern for HSCs, as the HSC will never see a compressive load in excess of the tensile load, so a one-time slip into bearing under full tension could occur. However, as that force is the RyFyAg, it will only happen in a design level seismic event.

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