Your Vision in Freeform Structural Steel.

We provide design-build services

CAST CONNEX specializes in the engineering and provision
of cast steel components for building and bridge structures.

Our areas of expertise

Our experience with steel castings for structural and architectural uses is unparalleled.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Casting engineering and detailing

  • Steel connection design

  • Steel casting manufacturing

  • Non-destructive examination

  • Industrial design and 3D modeling

  • Finite element stress analysis

  • Structural testing

Custom Casting Project Image
Custom Castings Project Image

We’ve been engaged by owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and steel fabricators in both public and private projects.

For each custom project, we work closely with the design and construction teams to coordinate project performance requirements and provide a rigorous engineering report and other submittals to verify requirements have been met.

Custom Castings are cast steel structural components that are custom designed to meet the demands of a specific project.Visit the Force informed geometry page to learn about the design.

Geometric Freedom

The geometric freedom afforded though casting manufacturing can be leveraged to solve a wide range of constructional challenges and to provide substantial value to every project stakeholder.

Image showcasing geometric freedom from using custom castings

The freeform capabilities of castings provide opportunities for:

  • Material optimization

  • Enhanced strength and stiffness

  • Improved fatigue life

  • Simplified fabrication

  • Improved constructability

  • Superior aesthetics

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