Design Exploration Services

We support design teams to better understand and evaluate the potential benefits that steel castings may provide to their project.

Whether a standardized or custom-designed cast steel component may be a good fit for the project, we will be pleased to assist with a study of the possibilities afforded through casting manufacturing.

Our Services

We provide consultative design conceptualization to project teams at no charge and with no obligation to specify steel castings.

Cast Connex Founders

Our support

We start with an exploratory discussion focused on identifying the potential locations within your project where cast steel solutions may provide value.


Based on feedback and discussion with your team, we will then propose various standardized solutions or collaboratively develop conceptual designs for custom cast steel components.

Drawing to scale of a Cast Connex product
Closeup of Cast Connex Product

The Product

Upon request, CAST CONNEX can provide a rough order of magnitude budgetary estimate during this stage or at any stage of the project.

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Whether your interest in cast steel components is general or project-specific, we look forward to speaking with you.