Queen Richmond Centre West

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This world-class development includes both the modernization of an existing historic Toronto building and the construction of a new multi-storey, reinforced concrete office building perched atop three, 70-foot tall, architecturally exposed structural steel 'delta frames'. CAST CONNEX provided design-build services for the unique 35,000 lb cast steel nodes that form the central kernel points of the delta frames. The magnitude of the loading required that the 1-meter (39.375-inch) diameter tubular members of the frames, along with the cast steel nodes, be concrete filled for composite strength. The three delta frames are primary elements in the gravity and lateral force resisting systems for the building.

Owner: Allied Properties REIT
Architects: Sweeny &Co Architects
Structural Engineers: Stephenson Engineering
Construction Manager / General Contractor: Eastern Construction
Steel Fabricator / Erector: Walters