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Data Sheets

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UPC Data Sheets

ART + UPC Data Sheets

DBS Data Sheets

Specification Guideline Documents

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How to specify Standardized Castings - Timber End Connector (TEC)

How to Specify Custom Castings - Compilation

How to Specify Custom Castings - V-node Column Base

Manuals & Guides

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ICC-ES Evaluation Report - ESR 3031, Evaluating CAST CONNEX High Strength Connector.

HSC Manual - AISC

HSC Manual - CSA


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Steel Castings Supporting Mass Timber - A Case Study

How to Specify Cast Steel Tree Nodes

How and Why to Specify CAST CONNEX Universal Pin Connectors

Webinars and Talks

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Architectural Record - Record on the Road - CAST CONNEX

Webinar - Steel Castings for Transportation, Sports/ Entertainment, and Commercial Projects

Webinar - Steel Castings for Seismic Force Resisting Systems

Continuing Education

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Custom Castings
High Integrity Block
Cast Bolted Bracket
Architectural Taper + Universal Pin Connector
Architectural Taper
High Strength Connector
Scorpion Yielding Connector
Diablo Bolted Splice
Timber End Connector
Universal Pin Connector
Tall Buildings
Mass Timber Solutions
Architecturally Exposed Solutions
Seismic Solutions