Webinar - Steel Castings for Seismic Force Resisting Systems


CASTINGS 203: Cast Steel Connection Solutions for Steel Seismic Force Resisting Systems

Seismic design is one of the more complicated topics in the world of structural engineering. Connection design and detailing can be particularly challenging when designing steel structures for earthquake loading. Pre-engineered steel castings offer both enhanced seismic performance and simplified design and detailing of steel connections. This presentation will provide an introduction and technical discussion of commercially available castings that can be used in moment resisting frames, concentrically braced frames, and as yielding devices in concentrically braced frames or other axial load configurations. Attendees will learn the benefits of, and how to design with and specify, several cast steel connectors for use in seismically loaded steel structures.


  • Identify appropriate cast steel solutions for a variety of structural steel lateral force resisting systems. This includes bolted brackets for moment resisting frames, connectors for concentric braced frames, and yielding castings.
  • Apply appropriate code provisions in structural design of capacity designed connections that employ pre-engineered steel castings. This includes the design of structural bolts and welds in both beam-to-column moment connections or brace-to-gusset brace connections.
  • Write a specification for cast steel connectors in seismically loaded moment resisting or concentrically braced frames that communicates the necessary information to ensure that the systems provide adequate strength, stiffness, and ductility during an earthquake event.
  • Design a seismic force resisting system that can take advantage of the benefits of post-yield stiffening, such as p-delta mitigation, that is a key characteristic in the hysteretic response of cast steel yielding elements.
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