CAST CONNEX - The Making of Precision Cast Steel Nodes for Complex Structures

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We leverage steel casting manufacturing to offer our clients unparalleled opportunities for optimization and beauty in structural form. We’ll work with you to design your custom cast steel components to ensure that they provide the desired aesthetic, carry loads safely and efficiently, integrate with your structural steel framing, and are castable and economical. 

Cast steel nodes can provide improved structural performance characteristics in comparison to conventionally fabricated connections, including enhanced strength, stiffness, fatigue performance, and improved quality. Castings also offer tighter tolerances than achievable using standard fabrication, which translates to improved fit-up and overall dimensional control for the structure. Given these advantages, when castings are leveraged appropriately and are well integrated into the project's overall design, they offer overall project cost savings and risk reduction and can dramatically improve the resilience and longevity of the structures in which they're incorporated.

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