Diablo Bolted Splice

Diablo Bolted Splice
Diablo Bolted Splice
Diablo Bolted Splice
Diablo Bolted Splice
Diablo Bolted Splice
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CAST CONNEX Diablo™ Bolted Splices are cast steel fittings that enable unobtrusive field bolted splices in circular hollow structural section (HSS) members.
Pre-engineered and Available off the shelf
Vastly Simplifies Fabrication Efforts
Eliminates Field Welding
Type B
Fits a range of HSS and Pipe
Provides High Quality AESS Connection with Limited Additional Craftsmanship
Designed for use in Seismic Force Resisting Systems

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The fittings are designed such that the bolted connection is inboard of the outer diameter of the HSS. Splices made with Diablo Bolted Splices can be sheathed in thin-gauge plate to completely conceal the splice or can be left uncovered for a sleek, technical connection aesthetic.

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Diablo Bolted Splices are supplied including drilled bolt holes. All of the fittings can accommodate four fasteners, though our fittings for 12.75-inch (324 mm) outer diameter HSS can also be supplied to accommodate 8 fasteners. Hand wrenches must be used for bolt tensioning in the field. Fasteners are not included and cover plates (if required) are sold separately.

We provide design-build services

CAST CONNEX specializes in the engineering and provision of cast steel components for building and bridge structures.

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