High Strength Connector

High Strength Connector
High Strength Connector
High Strength Connector
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CAST CONNEX High Strength Connectors™ simplify and improve connections to round hollow structural section (HSS) brace members in seismic-resistant concentrically braced frames.

We provide design-build services

CAST CONNEX specializes in the engineering and provision of cast steel components for building and bridge structures.

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Pre-engineered and Available off the shelf
Vastly Simplifies Fabrication Efforts
Eliminates Field Welding
Type B
Fits a range of HSS and Pipe
Provides High Quality AESS Connection with Limited Additional Craftsmanship
Designed for use in Seismic Force Resisting Systems

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High Strength Connectors are standardized, capacity-designed brace end connectors that accommodate bolted double-shear connection between round HSS braces and a typical corner gusset plate. By eliminating shear lag in the brace connection and standardizing connection details, use of the connectors vastly simplifies connection design

As the connectors eliminate the need to field weld braces to the frame, they significantly speed erection and reduce the cost of special inspection.

  • Pre-designed and detailed connections dramatically reduce engineering time and effort
  • Modular design minimizes detailing and accelerates fabrication
  • Elimination of field welding reduces the cost of erection and special inspection
  • Rest assured using standardized, code-listed connections [ICC-ES ESR-3031] that meet all of the SCBF / OCBF connection requirements of AISC 341 and the Type MD / LD connection requirements of CSA S16 


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