If Cast Connex isn’t a foundry, why do we need to involve you? Are you just brokers when it comes to custom castings?

Cast Connex provides a range of services when it comes to custom castings:

  1. Design, Engineering, and Detailing: Castings must be designed simultaneously for their end use (architectural and structural considerations) as well as for the casting manufacturing process. Castings must be shaped so that they can be successfully molded and such that they solidify soundly in a mold. Establishing non-destructive examination requirements based on the level of stress in the various regions of the casting is also critical – being overly conservative can be extremely costly while under- specifying NDE can result in a casting which is not capable of carrying the applied loading. Additionally, detailing of castings – the production of casting and machining shop drawings – is something that typical steel detailers are not capable of carrying out, and steel foundries will not typically engage in design or detailing of any kind. Preparation of specifications covering all aspects of casting production as well as outlining how the castings are to be integrated into the structural steel framing is also necessary. Cast Connex provides all of these services.
  2. Casting production oversight: Most North American steel foundries infrequently produce (or have never produced) castings for building and bridge structures, and so they typically do not have an understanding of the requirements of our industry. As such, if left to their own devices, many foundries will make inappropriate assumptions when it comes to the many production variables associated with casting production. Cast Connex oversees production of castings to ensure they are produced according to specification and using the appropriate foundry processes to result in castings which are suited for architectural and structural applications. Further, the review of various technical submittals from the foundry requires specialized understanding and experience.
  3. Procurement: Every foundry is suited for manufacturing specific types of castings – castings of a specific range in size, weight, alloy, configuration, etc. We pair the right foundries with the right parts, ensuring the optimal balance of cost effectiveness and quality. Further, Cast Connex has worked with many steel foundries and purchases millions of dollars’ worth of castings every year. Leveraging our network gets you higher quality, lower cost castings.

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