CASTINGS 206: Steel Castings for Education, Civic/Cultural & Healthcare Projects

The use of steel castings in the design and construction of building and bridge structures is a fast- growing trend in North America. Hailed for their ability to prolong the lifecycle of a project and more easily fulfill aesthetic requirements, castings have earned their place as one of the building industry’s up and coming technologies. In this presentation, attendees will learn about steel castings as they relate to Education, Civic/Cultural, and Healthcare Projects. Numerous examples of how steel castings have been used to enhance structural performance and architectural design will be included for each of these sectors, with special attention to how castings fit within the unique constraints to the design and budget of each example.


  • Identify applications for steel castings to increase aesthetic quality, structural performance, and resilience of critical healthcare structures.
  • Explain a wide variety of ways that custom and pre-engineered castings can be used in schools and university buildings as key design elements, including scope from Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) to seismic construction.
  • Explain the aesthetic and performance advantages of cast steel connection to various Civic/ Cultural building stakeholders. Identify innovative cast steel solutions to achieve structural and architectural project goals.
  • Create a specification and details for castings which successfully communicates architectural and structural design criteria to casting suppliers such that the casting products delivered to the project can safely and efficiently carry structural loads and achieve the desired aesthetics.

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