Webinar - High-Performance Steel Forgings for Megastructures


CASTINGS 205: High-Performance Steel Forgings for Megastructures

Concealed within the supporting framework of megastructures such as 30 Hudson Yards (NYCs tallest tower) and The One (Canada’s tallest buildings under construction), are high performance engineered steel forgings, each capable of resisting forces of over 20,000 tonnes.

Steel is an ideal material for the construction of megastructures such as large buildings; however, in this type of structure the stresses in steel members can be very high, leading to complex, highly stressed connections that pose difficult design challenges. Furthermore, the connection regions in these structures are disturbed regions with high levels of tri-axial stress and typical structural analysis techniques, such as beam theory, do not apply. An ideal solution for large heavily loaded connections is an engineered forging. This is an engineered product, in which the manufacturing process is carefully designed to provide a steel material with adequate chemical and mechanical properties to safely carry the high triaxial stress states while remaining conventionally weldable.

In this webinar, we’ll look at these colossal structures and connection, and examine the detailed design, engineering, and fabrication process that makes these engineered forgings inimitable.


  • Explain analysis methods required to design heavily loaded, large steel connections and verify their adequacy to resist the applied structural loading.
  • Describe key steps in the design and manufacturing process for engineered forgings and how that process improves properties of engineered forgings when compared to mass-produced conventional steel material.
  • Discuss the merits of engineered forgings with all project stakeholders. The technical advantages of engineered forgings will be presented in the context of past project case studies.
  • Create a specification for engineered forgings which successfully communicates structural design criteria and material requirements to contractors and material suppliers such that the engineered forgings delivered to the project can safely and efficiently carry structural loads.

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