CASTINGS 209: The successful integration of castings into large tubular structures, seismic load-resisting Castings for Fabricators – A Guide to the Successful Use of Castings in Steel Construction

Steel castings are growing in popularity among architects, engineers, and other specifiers – and for good reason. Recognized for their ability to beautify HSS/pipe connections, provide increased strength and ductility, and enable the utmost in freeform design, steel castings offer results unattainable using conventional fabrication methods. For fabricators and other steel industry professionals, this means adopting new practices and adapting to new client demands.

This presentation will explore the world of steel fabrication as it pertains to steel castings. It will include case studies of successful integration of castings into large tubular structures, seismic load resisting systems, and projects with architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) requirements. Procurement, detailing, and fabrication best practices will be discussed. The presentation will review welding/bolting styles and requirements and consider both custom and standardized cast components.


  • Identify structural casting details and specifications in project design documents and respond with appropriate bids and proposals. Understand specifications for custom (project specific) castings to deliver structures to the project can safely and efficiently carry structural loads and achieve the desired aesthetics.
  • Explain opportunities for the use of steel castings during design development and design assist efforts. Gain confidence proposing steel casting solutions for use at architecturally exposed structural steel connections to improve structural performance, enhance aesthetics, and/or to improve the constructability of the structural frame or system.
  • Describe how various pre-engineered castings improve the anti-seismic performance of buildings and how to fabricate, weld, and install them to enhance the structural resilience of buildings.
  • Collaborate in the design process for custom castings which contribute to the architectural quality of important gathering spaces in buildings.
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