Audain Art Museum

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Scorpion Yielding Connectors provide high ductility in building's BRBF bays

The Audain Art Museum will house a unique collection of British Columbia art in the heart of Whistler Village, and will be a pillar of the cultural tourism experience in Whistler. The building’s unique, raised design called for an enhanced seismic performance. Equilibrium leveraged the performance and modular versatility CAST CONNEX® Scorpion™ Yielding Connectors to provide high ductility in the building’s short buckling restrained braced frame (BRBF) bays.

Owner: Audain Art Museum Foundation
Architects: Patkau Architects
Structural Engineers: Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
General Contractor: Axiom Builders
Steel Fabricator: George Third & Son, Ltd.
Connection design and detailing: Somerset Engineering Group
Steel Erector: KWH Constructors