Michael Gray, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Michael Gray, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Co-founder and Executive Vice President

An inventor of the technology behind the Scorpion Yielding Connector and a co-founder of the company, Michael is the Executive Vice-President at Cast Connex Corporation. He received both his Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering and his Doctor of Philosophy in Structural Engineering from the department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto. Michael’s ground-breaking Doctoral work on the use and design of cast steel yielding elements in high-ductility non-buckling braced frames forms the basis of the Scorpion line of products. Michael has won several prestigious provincial, national, and industry scholarships and fellowships including the Steel Structures Education Foundation (SSEF) G.J. Jackson Fellowship, the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction John L. Kellerman Fellowship, and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Donald Jamieson Fellowship in Structural Engineering. In addition to his expertise in non-linear finite element analysis, seismic design, mechanics, and low cycle fatigue of steel materials, Michael also has extensive experience in structural engineering and steel connection design and detailing.


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