Tanya Piazza-Hughes, BA, BHRM

Tanya Piazza-Hughes, BA, BHRM

Head of Human Resources and Administration

As a collaborator, coach, and proud Torontonian, Tanya has spent the past two decades advocating for humans in organizations. As the Head of HR and Administration, she provides strategic direction to leadership, helps emerging talent find their most worthy goals, contributes a unique people-focused lens to business development, and offers coaching to humans who have a desire to stay curious a little longer. Tanya fosters and develops a culture built on the values of accountability, kindness,
and genuine care for the people we work with.

Tanya is an innovator in creating a workplace culture that is welcoming to everyone at every level of the organization. She believes everyone adds a valuable perspective at each intersection of our lives, our work, and everything in between that makes us unique beautiful human beings doing the best that we can with what we have from
where we are.


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