McDonald's Chicago Flagship Restaurant

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The new McDonald’s Chicago Flagship restaurant, constructed just steps off Michigan Avenue on the site of the iconic “Rock ‘n Roll” McDonald’s, features a solar pergola that will supply part of the building’s energy needs. The pergola is supported atop 12.75-inch diameter HSS columns, each of which is fitted with CAST CONNEX® Architectural Tapers™. To create the dramatic tapering of the top of the columns, we specially machined our standardized ART-8.625 components so they could be fit and welded to the ends of our ART-12.75 components. The result is a 12.75-inch diameter column that reduces down to a 5.8125-inch outer diameter beneath the suspended framing of the solar array.

Owner: McDonald's
Architects: Ross Barney Architects 
Structural Engineers: Goodfriend Magruder Structure
General Contractor: Walters Daniels Construction