New York
United States

Oversized CAST CONNEX® Universal Pin Connectors™ were custom-designed to fit at both ends of massive V-shaped columns, forming the new podium that's transformed the façade of the iconic PENN 2. A monumental display in Architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS) application.

Additionally, standardized UPCs are incorporated in braces within the bustling structure atop the podium. The specification of these connectors results in unmatched precision in achieving complex transitional geometries that transcend the capabilities of standard fabrication methods on a grand scale.

Owner: Vornado Realty Trust

Architect: MdeAS Architects

Structural Engineers: Severud Associates

General Contractor: Skanska USA

Steel Fabricator: Crystal Steel Fabricators


PENN 2 aims to rekindle civic grandeur while ushering in sought-after tenant amenities and cutting-edge architectural design. With its iconic aesthetic, PENN 2 emerges as a thriving destination that rejuvenates the core of Manhattan, establishes a forward-thinking workplace, and breathes new life into an iconic public space.

The design showcases a four-story bustling structure that serves as a striking entrance to the building. Amidst the dynamic urban setting of Manhattan, a two-block, 50-foot high podium stands as a powerful symbol of its importance, reinforced by robust, V-shaped columns seamlessly integrated into the original building structure.

With its commitment to architectural excellence and innovative design, PENN 2 stands as a shining example of the transformative impact of CAST CONNEX® Universal Pin Connectors. Their utilization in this monumental project underscores their capacity to deliver exceptional results in realizing innovative designs.

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Elevated design for projects of any budget

CAST CONNEX standardized connectors are available in a range of sizes to fit standard member profiles. These pre-engineered products are affordable enough to be used repetitively or as a one-off. Each connector is designed to simplify fabrication labor, especially in architecturally exposed applications.